EA Inc. will be regularly interviewing an admin professional or supplier in our network to help you connect with like-minded individuals from around the world. 

Oliver Ginestier - EA for the European DIY Retailers Association & the Global Home Improvement Network

Oliver's Bio:

Having grown up in a multi-lingual household I always had a desire to live abroad. After graduating with an MA in Geography and Psychology from the University of Dundee, Scotland, I was determined to move to Germany. 
Moving to Germany without any grasp on the language was a challenge, but the people I met and the friends I made along the way supported me, and ensured I settled into the way of life with relative ease. I began as an English teacher, but after 16 months in the role I was looking for something different - this is when I turned my attention to becoming an Executive Assistant. 
I have now been the Executive Assistant to the General Secretary of the European DIY Retail Association / Global Home Improvement Network (EDRA/GHIN) for almost 4 years and have learnt and discovered much in this time and continue to strive to learn more and grow in the role.  

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