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Mentor Program

A Mentor encourages and enables another person's professional or personal development, they help focus their efforts by setting goals and giving feedback to the Mentee. 

Mentor came from the literature of ancient Greece:
In Homer's epic, The Odyssey, Odysseus was away from home fighting and journeying for 20 years. During that time, Telemachus, the son he left as a babe in arms, grew up under the supervision of Mentor, an old and trusted friend. When the goddess Athena decided it was time to complete the education of young Telemachus, she visited him disguised as Mentor and they set out together to learn about his father. 

Today, we use the word mentor for anyone who is a positive, guiding influence in another person's life.


EA Inc. is delighted to announce that we will be soft launching our Mentoring Programme by offering 3 lucky admin professionals 6 months of mentoring for free.

Are you wanting one on one training to catapult you to the role you want?  Then 'Thrive' our Mentorship Programme is for you. Mentoring helps people transform and grow while being guided by someone who has already been there and done that.  


"Individuals who have access to great mentors (and great mentees), see more promotions, more skill development, increased confidence, and better personal and professional outcomes." - MentorLoop


Why mentor with EA Inc? 

We believe that spending time with like-minded admin professionals, is priceless. Our mentors have years of senior level experience and can cover a range of focus areas e.g. Governance, minute taking, O365 training, being more strategic, calendar management, moving from reactive to proactive or any other area that you might want to focus on. We believe that our Mentor Programme speaks right to the core of our values to motivate, inspire, support & mentor learning with like-minded individuals.


Limited numbers

Whilst we set up our processes & bring on more mentors, we want to trial our program with our network because your feedback matters to us .We are offering three select members of our network the opportunity to join our Mentor Programme for free for six months from March to September 2022. If you are interested, please email Kelly Warton at


  • You will complete a goal-setting survey to match you with the best possible mentor for your key focus areas. 

  • A monthly 1-on-1 meeting for 1 hour with your mentor

  • Your progress will be tracked for demonstrated success

  • You will be set tasks, given checklists and resources

Hayley Lipp

Executive Assistant

Thank you doesn't adequately express my gratitude for the experience, the class, the warmth and constant support I receive from Kelly. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor to support me on my journey.

Jayna Hinton

Executive Assistant

The mentorship that the EA Inc. members provide has been an absolute life saver for me - they are so knowledgeable & more than happy to pass on that knowledge to see other EAs thrive in the industry. I feel so lucky to be part of an inspiring, supportive community! 

Siobhan Haynes

Executive Assistant

Wow, thank you so so much. That first meeting was amazing I am blown away already and my brain is ticking over about all the new ideas and questions you have taught me

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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