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Hi Everyone...

Welcome to Executive Assistants Inclusive...

EA Inc. is the vision and brainchild of Kelly Warton. Kelly is the Chair of EA Inc. and a senior Executive Assistant with over 15 years experience working with CEO’s, Directors and Entrepreneurs. Joining her on the Committee and helping to bring the vision alive are Hayley Lipp, Tina Shepherd and Jocelyn Brice. Please visit our Committee page for more information on Kelly, Hayley, Tina & Jocelyn.

EA Inc. aims to be a membership platform dedicated to supporting the careers of Executive and Personal Assistants through the power of connecting and mentoring - we are an inclusive environment, where assistants can be inspired, motivated and empowered to be the best they can be.

It is our desire to be a valued contributor and mentor to our Members, helping them work towards building a stronger network of like-minded professionals, that all dream to exceed expectations and achieve greatness in their careers.

Our values are:

Inspire & Motivate
Support & Mentor
Exceed Expectations

Whether you are an EA to a CEO, PA to the Board, a team assistant to five Executives or you look after a high flying entrepreneur, we want to hear from you!

Please click here to be added to our database. 

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